Lyanna Stoker

Fiery Vixen, Innocent Victim


Strength – 3 – physical build
Speed – 6- reaction, flat movement
Agility – 6 – accuracy, nimbleness
Perception – 2 – awareness, environmental awareness
Intelligence – 7 – comprehension, reasoning, memory
Wits – 6- social capacity, abstract thinking

Academic – 3 – science, literature
Agricultural – farming, animal handling
Industrial – manufacturing, mechanics, electronics
Martial –1-personal combat, weapons, tactics
Social –2 – speaking, religion, arts
Survival – -tracking, hunting, neolithic crafting

“Seven Bullets”

Standing amongst “available” men (+2)
& a personal history with a pursuing enemy.


2 wire & silk flower hair clips
A pair of earrings
Three necklaces of varying lengths
Four bracelets
Two rings
Hip pouch:
Small assorted coins of various precious metals
Pocket knife
Compact mirror
Lip balm
Safety pins
Hair pins
Small brush
Small blank book
Small book on wildflowers
Book of fairytales
Piece of cake wrapped in a handkerchief
Trail mix
Allergy medicine
Small tin of celtic sea salt
Pens, markers & pencil
Plato’s The Republic, printed copy

3 lighters
some candles
camping lantern
some sheets of paper
apples, bread, salted meat & cheese
a number of handkerchiefs
two flasks
a water bottle
small sewing set
a raggedy stuffed pony
rolling papers & tobacco
extra clothes
pouch of coins
small pouch with necessary toiletries


Pump shot gun 4D6 Fletchette dmg
…..amo 6 in, 14 out
357 revolver 4D6
…..amo 6

Held by Ists

Underwire bra & panty set, blouse, long draped sweater, military style short jacket, decorative style leather shoulder harness, leather belt with buckle, skirt, leggings, leg warmers, riding boots, hip pouch, purse

Lyanna’s father is ex military who fell in love with a very beautiful woman who’s status was too far above him for her family to approve, despite this, they married and had a daughter together. Only a few short years later Lyanna’s mother died leaving her alone with a father who couldnt stand to watch his daughter grow more and more into the spitting image of her mother.

She was raised mostly by tutors and became something of a bookworm, staying in more often than not and reading.

Lyanna vied quite often for her fathers attention and through the persistence of an eager child who idolized her father, spent some few mornings with him learning a few basic tactics of self defense.

She was implicitly implied to be engaged to the mayor’s son from an early age. He was an avid suitor and it was simply expected that they would eventually be together. Her whole life was planned out for her, she was sheltered and protected at almost every turn. Most of what she knows about life she learned about from books.

Another would be suitor, Galen, the sherif’s no-good son, decided to become a little too enthusiastic and impatient one night and Lyanna was forced to defend herself, landing herself in lock up for nearly beating her would be amour to death in self defense.

Lyanna Stoker

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